In most cases we are able to cut out the middle man and give you Top Offer for your house.


Starts with a Phone Call

Tell us about your property, the good, and the not so great. That helps us get a start on the analysis of your Market Value

Any Situation

Home Analysis

We utilize the Multiple Listing System, Realist Tax System, Comparable Sales in the neighborhood, Repair costs and values, etc.

Any location

The Offer

After 24 hours of inspection we give you a reasonable our Cash offer. It’s just that simple.

Why not use a realtor?

Traditional Realtors bring with them a list of things to try and “Bring your home to standard.”


Some of the things that you will be asked to do:


Repairs are a costly, stressful, and time consuming process.


If your house is competing against upgraded houses in your neighborhood the realtor may suggest you spend 1000’s of dollars in unnecessary upgrades to be able to compete.

Your Time

At a moment’s notice you may have to rush home to pick up the house because of a showing. The yard will have to be kept perfectly manicured at all times as well. Everyone has busy lives and they say time is money. How much time will you have to truly put in to show the “perfect” house.


This one is simple, after paying Realtor Fees, Closing Costs, Title Costs, Escrow Fees, Title Transfer Fees, Seller Contributions, etc.. This means at the end of the sales transaction with a realtor you end up with only 83% of the total sales price.

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